Conditions We Treat

Conditions We Treat

Back and Neck Pain:

Neck PainSpinal pain is a very common complaint in the modern age. It can vary from a mild ache or some stiffness, to severe and shooting pain that makes movement, and even sleeping, very difficult. This may be caused by muscle tightness, joint stiffness, bulging discs and nerve irritation or poor posture. Physiotherapy treatment at The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic can help with the reduction of pain and the restoration of movement.

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Joint Pain:

Joint PainThe joints in the body where 2 or more bones meet are subject to stresses and strains such as weight bearing, overuse, direct injury, muscle imbalance, poor posture and arthritic change. Physiotherapy treatment at The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic is effective for the reduction of pain and inflammation, and the rehabilitation of stiff or injured joints.

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Soft Tissue Injuries:

Soft Tissue Injuries Soft tissues may be injured by direct force, overuse or misuse. Sprains and strains, pulls and tears can affect the muscle bellies and their tendons throughout the body. A consultation with our physiotherapists at The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic will help you with immediate advice on how to offload the affected part, assist in the reduction of pain and inflammation, speed up the recovery process and return you to your function with an exercise program to stretch and strengthen affected muscles.

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Sports Injuries:

Sports InjuriesAt The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic we see a wide range of sports injuries from all levels of sporting activity. Injuries can be incurred from a direct blow e.g. a hockey stick or horse kick; lack of preparation e.g. warm up or stretching; accidents e.g. on the ski slopes or a rugby tackle; use of the wrong or poorly fitting equipment e.g. sports shoes or bicycle. We would advise treatment as quickly as possible to reduce the effects of inflammation, speed up your recovery, and return to sport in the fastest possible time.

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Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation:

Joint PainWe have a long history of working with local, national and international surgeons to provide the best preparation for and rehabilitation following your operation. Mobilising and strengthening before your operation can be of significant benefit to your outcome after your surgery. At The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic we can advise you on practical ways to cope immediately post surgery and progress to a structured rehabilitation program to promote movement, strength, mobility, and return to normal function.

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Postural Alignment:

Postural alignment may be altered for many reasons including habit and injury. At the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic we can demonstrate the benefits of good posture and provide you with exercises to strengthen weaker muscles and relax tight muscles, giving you appropriate cues to achieve a more upright and open posture.

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Biomechanics Biomechanics is the science of structure and function of the human body. Our physiotherapists at The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic are expert in the observation of how a body moves and where the potential problems lie. We can advise you on the measures to take which will help you achieve an efficient structure and an effectively functioning body.

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Ergonomic Assessment both in the clinic and in the workplace:

A comfortable workforce is a productive, economic workforce. Our physiotherapists at The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic are able to provide advice on exercises, sitting postures and equipment to ensure you are sitting comfortably. Assessments can be made in the clinic, or in the work environment be that at a place of work or at home.

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Neurological Conditions:

Neurological ConditionsNeurological rehabilitation is indicated for a wide range of Neurological Conditions for example:

  • Stroke
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Brain Injury
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Balance and Gait disorders of Neurological origin
  • And many more

Neurological ConditionsOur Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist is highly experienced in the treatment and management of Neurological Conditions. Treatment will depend on the nature of the underlying condition and is always tailored to suit the individual.

At the first appointment, a detailed assessment is carried out to identify the key areas for treatment. This may include evaluation of muscle strength and length, co-ordination, joint position sense, sensation, joint range of movement, functional abilities, balance and gait evaluation as appropriate. Objective measures are always used to monitor progress and detect changes as the result of treatment intervention (eg balance assessment tools).

Caroline's approach is skilful and painfree and she always adapts her treatment to best suit the client and to work towards mutually agreed goals of rehabilitation.

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Paediatric Conditions:

Paediatric ConditionsPaediatric Physiotherapists are specialist practitioners who have the right skills and specific knowledge to provide appropriate assessment and treatment of babies, children and young people. There are many movement disorders, postural problems and joint pain presentations, that are age or growth specific. At The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic we provide a comprehensive assessment of your child's presenting complaint as well as identifying their general exercise levels and functional ability. We will use a variety of manual techniques, specific exercises, splints or bracing, home based exercise and onward referral as appropriate for your child. Our aim is to manage pain, increase range of movement , maximise function and improve quality of life for the family as a whole.

    Paediatric Conditions
  • Growth related pathology or pain
  • Sports injury rehabilitation
  • Hypermobility
  • Spinal assessment
  • Normal variance screening
  • Developmental assessment of early motor milestones
  • Children's foot deformities
  • Developmental hip problems

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Women's Health Conditions

Women’s health problems can be broadly divided into two categories:

  • Obstetrics – regarding the period of pregnancy, childbirth and post natal
  • Gynaecology – healthcare specific to women

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ObstetricsSpecialist physiotherapy advice both ante- and post- natally can be invaluable at this exciting time.

Here at The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic we can assess and treat common conditions such as back pain, pelvic girdle pain (previously known as SPD), sciatica, neck pain and rib pain which may develop as the pregnancy progresses. Other conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome can be alleviated and managed. Pelvic floor exercises can be taught during pregnancy to improve pelvic support which will be beneficial both before and after giving birth in the prevention and treatment of incontinence. Pilates in pregnancy, and specialist exercises and advice on positions for labour and relaxation can be provided.

Post – natally it is very important to adopt good postures whilst caring for your baby. Musculoskeletal issues such as back and neck pain can be addressed, and pelvic floor re- education is very important at this time.

Exercise programs can be modified to be appropriate and safe aiming for the return of normal function and exercise.


Urinary Incontinence – This may be stress incontinence or urge incontinence or a combination of both. You will be assessed and examined by our specialist women’s health physiotherapist who will then be able to decide which treatment and management is appropriate for you.

Prolapse – There are a number of different types of prolapse which can be examined and assessed.

Treatment will be provided if appropriate, or an onward referral to a specialist consultant urogynaecologist can be arranged if necessary.

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