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Autumn Newsletter

Welcome everyone to the Autumn Newsletter – a time of changing temperatures, colours and landscapes! Quite a relief to many, we have no doubt!

We hope you have all enjoyed the summer and coped with the excessive heat.

Despite the ‘recess’, we have had a busy time at the clinic – attending celebratory events, hosting meetings but sadly saying goodbye to our lovely Manon – see her note below.

We are delighted to say that Anya is back at the helm and in flying form! The biggest challenge is getting her to take it slowly and to gently ease back into her ‘blue and whites’. She is currently working two mornings a week as she strengthens the ankle – as the saying goes, you have to walk before you can run! An activity she is also looking forward to getting back to!

We also have an interesting insight into acupuncture from one of our valued patients. Have a read – could it work for you?

As always, we love to hear your news and stories, so please get in touch by phone, email or call in. It’s always nice to see you.

CPD Meeting in May


Once a month, the team at The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic meets for continual professional development evenings.

In May, Sangna presented to the team on the principles of Progressive Muscle Loading as she had just completed her first module of Advanced Physiotherapy at university. The presentation was to help answer questions such as:

Why do physiotherapists give the exercise programmes they do?
How can they become more effective?
Is the programme helpful in improving patient’s long term health rather than just focusing on rehab of the injury?

The presentation was three fold. It first aimed at growing a better understanding of the impact post injury immobility has on the body and the muscular system (Anya can currently vouch for this, with her fractured ankle and non-weight bearing status). It then shifted its focus on learning about the different types of strength training prescriptions available and when they are appropriate in a patient’s rehabilitation. Sangna then finished with how important the neuroendocrine (hormones) system is in strength training and how the therapists can use this knowledge to help prescribe an effective exercise programme.

Sangna says that: ‘our role as physiotherapists is to assess the patient, identify a need analysis for the sport/hobby/function the patient wants to return back to whilst always considering what is important to the patient, in order to help design a programme that can be realistically carried out in our patient’s busy lives.’


Linda Jackson Macmillan Centre – 25th Anniversary Celebrations

Anya and Louise

On 14th June, Anya and Louise attended a reception to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre, located at the Mount Vernon Hospital in Northwood. The evening was hosted by Kate Lancaster, Director of Strategy and Jagdeep Kudhail, Chair of Cancer Services.

The Lynda Jackson Centre has been a haven in our community for many people affected by cancer, and it offers a range of support and information services enhancing the clinical care provided by Mount Vernon Cancer Centre. It was the first clinic of its kind to open in the country, recognising the need for emotional and practical support and over the last 25 years, 100,000 face to face conversations have been had at the drop in centre, and over 52,000 through the telephone helpline.

Inspirational speeches were given by both hosts, along with Lynda Jackson’s sister and a previous patient of the centre. The charity aim to raise in excess of £240,000 this year, to continue with this important work. So this September 30th, we will once again be privileged to support the Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre at the Moor Park 10k run by offering pre and post run massages – we will try and raise as much as we can in support of them so come along, say hello, and if you are running – book yourself in for a massage!

From left to right: Anya, Louise, Fiona Hussey and Christine Brannan.


Paul Butler

I first saw Nadine Ipoly in 2016 for treatment for back pain. I mentioned to her that for over the previous six years I had suffered severe pain in my right foot which badly affected my ability to walk and to drive, as well as my work.

During that time I saw numerous consultants who recommended a variety of tests and treatments for the condition. None of these led to a diagnosis or any lasting pain reduction.

Nadine recommended a course of acupuncture. I had been given this before as part of my pain management programme but without any positive results. I was therefore surprised, as well as greatly relieved, that her treatment rapidly alleviated my condition.

I thought initially that this would be a temporary relief but some two and a half years later I remain free of this debilitating pain, although the actual undiagnosed cause remains.

Throughout the time she has treated me it has been evident that Nadine is both a very caring and technically excellent physiotherapist. Her particular expertise in acupuncture is exceptional. She combines considerable knowledge of this complex subject with offering each of her patients carefully assessed and personalised treatment.


“Au revoir”


It has almost been 2 years and a half since I started working at the clinic. I have unsuccessfully tried to remember who was the first patient I greeted, but I can nonetheless say for certain that sitting at the desk has given me countless opportunities to meet unforgettable people.

Before I go and step into the new, I would like to say a huge thank you to the team for being such wonderful people to work with. They are professional, kind-hearted, incredibly knowledgeable and always have fun anecdotes to share. Not to mention that they are the kind of people who never think twice before giving above and beyond help and support to team mates and patients alike.

I will be leaving at the end of August, giving someone new the chance to join the team and meet you. This is not goodbye though! I will still be in Rickmansworth and will look forward to seeing you on the high street and have a chat around the Aquadrome…