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Welcome to the Spring newsletter.


The snowdrops are out, the daffodils are bursting through, and we are all looking forward to some sunshine and longer days. More time to get out there and move!

The skiers are enjoying the best snow in Europe for years. Don’t forget that we run Fit to Ski courses so that you can be in the best shape when you hit the slopes, and, should an injury happen, we have years of experience of rehabilitation post injury to get you back on your feet again.

The gardeners are dusting off their dibbers and trowels ready for planting, and are itching to get out into their gardens. It is always a good idea to do some gentle back exercises before you head out into the garden and get carried away with the work in hand, to alleviate the problems of stiffness and pulled muscles when doing unaccustomed physical activity.

The marathon runners are already well into their training programme with the London
Marathon now only 2 short months away on 22nd April. Let us know if we can help you with any aches and pains that you might be experiencing as you increase your mileage and length of time running.

At the clinic, we will be attending the Joan of Arc Science and Engineering Inspiration Event. If you have any Year 7’s attending or Sixth formers helping, tell them to pop over to say hello and find out everything they didn’t know about our wonderful profession.

And we look forward to welcoming a new member of staff, Sangna, who will be expanding the musculoskeletal expertise of The Physio Rehab Team.

In March we will be doing our customer survey and are always interested in what you think of the clinic. Please take a moment to fill in a form and give us some feedback. We do listen to any suggestions, and endeavour to make your experience as professional and caring as we can.

View from Behind the Desk
by Molly Caskey

My name is Molly and I have been working behind the desk at the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation clinic since it opened! I am a part time receptionist at the clinic and I also help with various administrative tasks. You’ll know me from calling in / sending us an email / or visiting on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. I have been told in the clinic that my telephone voice sounds so professional, that I sound like an automated message. Not sure if that is a compliment actually… My job is to support Louise and Manon, as they keep the physio’s in line and on time. Oh, and to look after the patients too!

There isn’t one kind of person who comes for treatment at the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation clinic, people visit us from all walks of life. From tiny babies to multi-marathon athletes, and beyond, to people who have been coming for over twenty years. They come in the door, greet me and sign the paperwork I thrust under their noses and vanish into a treatment room. After thumps, bumps, tears and laughter heard through the walls, they leave their physio – exercises  in hand – and either let me know when they’ll be coming back for a chat or happily proclaim that they won’t be coming back at all. I have been lucky enough to meet all kinds of people through my job here and watching them progress and heal is one of the best parts of the job.

Whilst I have been working here, the clinic has developed into the successful business you see here today. I think that the light and airy building, filled with greenery, sets people at ease the moment they walk in the door. We have significantly expanded the range of treatments we can offer, Pilates classes are in full swing every Tuesday and you can even get a sports massage to relax and invigorate! What more could you wish for? The clinic seems only to get bigger and better with every year.

with Matt Perry

The clinic has hosted its third course of Pilates classes on a Tuesday with Matt Perry. A few of our participants kindly gave feedback. Here is what two of them said:

“The Pilates classes have really helped me. I have a problem with my back and couldn’t stand or walk for too long. Now I have more mobility and walking is so much easier. Thoroughly recommend the Pilates classes. Thank you so much all at the clinic who have helped me so much.” Mrs M.

“Our Therapist is perfect – his knowledge of physiotherapy is ideal for Pilates beginners like me. Always a joy to come here, everyone is very friendly and welcoming.” Mrs O’D., Rickmansworth

We are glad to say that another one of our Physiotherapists, Nicola Price, will be starting Pilates classes for beginners here at the clinic on Wednesday mornings.

New classes with Matt and with Nicola will start in just a few weeks time. The courses are filling up quickly! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with reception to book your place and see for yourself what difference it can make.

Special Offer

1 X 60mins ASSESSMENT + 2 X 45mins FOLLOW UPS – £110 (instead of £130)
3 x 45mins FOLLOW UPS – £100 (instead of £120)

* use within 2 months *

Who is it for?

Everyone! Whether you are sporty, desk based, recovering from injury, have poor posture or muscle pain. Massage can help you.

What are the benefits of a sports massage?

                                  – It relaxes tight muscles
– gets rid of stress,
                                  – lowers blood pressure,
– gets rid of toxins and scar tissue,
– and improves range of movement
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